Gibbs Spills the Beans!!

Robert Gibbs, mouthpiece for the Obama gang admitted today that Mr. Obama knows all about the bribes that have been offered to Democrats to drop out of Primary Elections so as to clear the field for Obama’s hand-picked politicians. Gibbs said that there is nothing wrong¬†with the Democratic Party doing this. And apparently this has been going on even more often and more forcefully¬†since Obama took office. According to Mr. Gibbs this type of bribery is so common with the Dems that no one in Washington even gave it a second thought. That just seems a little hard to believe. But, it comes straight from ”the White House” so it must be true, RIGHT!

One wonders that if this is how it has always been done, how did some of the most powerful Democrats get to be so powerful, by “adjusting” the Primaries across the Nation?

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