A Democrat from California has called all the white people who approve of Arizona’s new immigration law “White Extremists” and “members of hate groups”. Interviewed on National TV, a spokeswoman for La Raza refused to deny that description of supporters of the law. La Raza, one of the most racially intolerant organizations in America, should weed their own garden before labeling 70% of all Americans as “a hate group”. This type of name-calling will just drive a wedge between them and the rest of America.

Meanwhile La Raza gives aid and comfort to any who enter our Country illegally, supplying them with food, clothes, money and false identification. Let a group from the United States try that in Mexico!

And the Catholic Church is following the orders given to it by Nancy Pelosi to aid illegal immigrants in America. The Church has set up a center on Catalina Island, off California, to supply illegal immigrants with hiding places, food, clothes, money , false papers and is helping them to get ID’s and drivers licenses from at least 13 different States. Another victory for the Obama gang and their newest ally, the Catholic Church. Shame on them.

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