Ex-Governor Blagojevich of Illinois is going to trial for allegedly trying to sell Obama’s vacant Illinois Senate seat. He has said all along that he is innocent of any criminal charges. He has now subpoenaed a number of high-ranking members of the Obama gang to testify at his trial. The odds of their being allowed to testify by Obama are very much against, and the odds of their telling the truth if they do testify are so small as to defy description.

Perhaps Blagojevich is planing to use the defense that the Obama gang uses whenever they get caught breaking the law…”it’s always been done this way!” That might work for the President of the United States, especially when he rules both the House and the Senate, but will it work for an ex-governor? Maybe that IS how it’s always been done in Illinois, which is run by the Chicago Machine. Makes one wonder how Mr. Obama got HISĀ  senate seat.

We will just have to see how this trial goes, if Blago makes it through alive.

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