It is now known that Bill Clinton, the most dis-honest man to hold the Office of President of the United States, is the “Person” who tried to bribe Dem. Congressman Sestak to abandon his run for the Senate seat of Arlen Specter. Clinton was told by one of Obama’s henchmen to offer Sestak the job of Secretary of the Navy to drop out of the primary. This is a felony according to Federal law.

Of course Obama says he had nothing to do with it. Clinton swears to that and now Sestak says he himself lied when he reported that he WAS offered the job. Now he says it was only an offer by a “third party” of a seat on a committee and took place before his campaign had even started. Not what he said before the Primary elections. He needs the Democratic Party now. But the Dems will vote for him anyway.

There you have it…One lies and they all swear to it. CHICAGO POLITICS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

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