Ct. D.A. Rich Blumenthal obviously considers all Americans, Dems,Repubs & Independents to be idiotic simpletons.  After saying on National TV several times that he had served in Viet Nam during our war in that Country, it was discovered that he had lied each and every time he stated that as a fact. He asked for and received military deferments for the five or six years of the worst fighting that went on there. Finally, in 1970, after the U.S. had started bringing our boys home did the courageous Mr. Blumenthal join the Marine Reserves. After boot training he was sent to the Carolinas to either drive, load or repair trucks. And of course while Marines were still going to Viet Nam, he stayed in the good ‘ol US of  A, and not because his family had money and influence, nor because he himself knew several Senators and Congressmen, OH NO, it was just the luck of the draw. But it seemingly did give him the right to lie about serving in combat!

The men and women of our Military reserves deserve all the honor and thank yous that they receive, and more. But no one should EVER claim to be a United States Battle Veteran if they are not one. That is a slap in the face of every American who has EVER fought, and especially those who died, for this wonderful Republic. And that includes every man, woman and child has who fought for this Country since the French and Indian wars of the 1760′s right up to this very day. This man (?) should be treated as the liar and coward that he apparently is.

This is the sort guy that gives lieing politician a bad name. But then, maybe it just depends on what your definition of “in” is.   “MISS-SPOKE” my butt!!!

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