Mexican President Bashes U.S.


Mexican President Calderon scolds America about OUR human rights issues (treatment of illegal mexicans), and the Democrats present applaud his remarks. Just one day after Hillary Clinton’s right hand man APOLOGIZES to Communist China for OUR human rights VIOLATIONS, Obama says on National TV, that OUR immigration laws will lead to racial profiling, (again of mexicans). It seems that the Obama gang is deliberately making us, ALL of us Americans, look like the type of Country that should have sanctions placed against it. How long will it be before The Gang send it’s “Redcoats” to try and confiscate the legal arms and ammunition of America’s Citizens? It did not work in 1776 and Pray God it doesn’t work now!

And what about Obama agreeing that America is the supplier of automatic weapons to Mexico’s gangsters!!!
An automatic weapon in this Country, even a LEGAL one, costs thousands of dollars and takes a $200 Federal Tax Stamp and about six months of “background checking” before you can have one. In any Country south of Mexico they cost a hundred dollars or less, and that is if you don’t work for a drug cartel, who will give you one for free. It has never once been proven that a legally owned United States Citizen’s weapon has been used to kill anyone in Mexico, except, of course, those owned by the American Government, such as the DEA, FBI, etc. This is just another lie told by the Obama gang in it’s lumbering way to confiscate the arms that the American People are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights to be able to own and carry.

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