Obama Foments Revolution

Mr. Obama, who promised “No New Taxes” before he became President, has been caught in another lie. His Obamacare MANDATE has been approved by the Liberal, Socialist U.S. Supreme Court and will remain “LAW”. The Socialists on the Supreme Court have declared Obamas’ “MANDATE” is “LEAGALY CONSTITUTIONAL” because THEY say that if you do not buy something that the Government says you must buy, in this case health insurance, then the Government can tax you in to submission and FORCE you to buy whatever they say you must buy, in this case health insurance

This “New Tax”, thought up by Mr. Obama, is the result of just another lie that Obama told and the openly Socialist U.S. Supreme Court has sworn to.

This is just another step on the ladder that Mr. Obama has set up to take our Nation from the Depression that he caused (but still blames on President Bush) downwards to another American Revolution.

Mr. Obama has already said that if a war were to come he would STAND WITH HIS MUSLIM BROTHERS, and Mr. Al Sharpton said after Mr. Obama was sworn in, “Everyone who voted for Barrack Obama NEW that they were voting for Socialism”. This man, who cowtows to Radical Muslim and Communist Leaders, is well on his way to causing a genuine, shooting war between true Americans and the bastardized Government that Mr. Obama is forcing on all the people of our great Nation.

The victims of this heinous plot will be the innocent citizens of this great Nation, no matter their Race, Religion nor where their family originated.

The innocent will die along with the guilty and the ignorant. And this will pave the way for Mr. Obama and his Secret Followers to force America to become an Autocratic Dictatorship. We will have to fight our own Military and whatever troops come to our Country and back the new “Government”.

Unemployment, the sinking dollar, new taxes and “Fines”, a staggering National debt that we can never pay off, the raiding of Medicare and Social Security, the weakening of the Loyal American Military and nearly everything else that this man has done to America and Her Citizens is now so obvious that only the ignorant, the traitors and those who WILL NOT see could possibly misunderstand.

We are heading for disaster, and all true Americans must recognize this and not let Mr. Obama and his thugs and lackies continue to demoralize, dishonor, disrespect and divide us.

The time for Decision is NOW! Or the time for Conflict will be thrust upon us.

America, we must act now with our ballots, while we still have them. For if we do not, then the only thing we are left with is the great American Declaration heard ’round the world for nearly two hundred and fifty years—-”LIVE FREE OR DIE!”

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