The “N” Word!!!

Why is America so “Politically Correct” That nigger is “The N Word” and cannot even be allowed in “Tom Sawyer” or “ Huckleberry Finn”, much less spoken out loud? If Nigger is the “N Word” why isn’t “Honkey” the “H Word” or “Spick” the “S Word” or “Chink” the “C Word” or ”Pollack” The “P Word” or “Kike” the “K Word” or “Greaser” the “G Word” and so on and so on? Blacks call each other nigger all the time, but if someone of another race uses the term it’s TERRIBLE  and SO OFFENSEIVE that a person can be charged with a hate crime for using it.

Why are Blacks “African-Americans”? Don’t they consider themselves REAL, NON-HYPHANETED AMERICANS? You never hear of “African -Frenchmen” or “African-Englishmen”  or “African-Canadians” or “African-Mexicans” or “African-anything else”. Why is it that Blacks consider themselves a separate group of Americans? As a matter of fact why do we never hear of any hyphenated citizens in any other Country?

This is only a fraction of the “Politically Correct” problem in America, it extends in every direction except to “Protecting” white Christian Americans. They can be called any word you can think of and THAT is OK. It is obvious that “Political Correctness” is just another way to dis-respect that one, largest, group of unhyphenated Americans and show prejudice towards  white Christian Americans all the way back to George Washington! There is something sinister about “Politically Correct”, all you have to do is think about it for a while. If you consider yourself anything but a TRUE American, without any Hyphens in your LOYALTY, then you are not TRULY an American

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