shooting war with mexico??

After an illegal alien smuggler who was on the “Most Wanted” list was killed while attacking US Border Patrol agents, the Mexican Government has demanded that the agent in question to be turned over to them to face a charge of murder. To back-up their demand the Mexican Government has massed it’s soldiers at the US-Mex. boarder and has pointed their weapons at Border Patrol and FBI Agents who are trying to investigate the shooting. Our Agents retreated and left the area to try and keep the Mexican soldiers from shooting across the boarder at them.

At the same time Mr. Obama still refuses to strengthen the security at our boarder with Mexico. The man seems to be trying to get our Country in a war with our neighbors while sending hundreds of millions of OUR tax dollars to fund Palestinian terrorist organizations. If he does not make our boarders safe from illegal immigrants and terrorists WE will be the next victims,

Mr. Obama should treat the Mexican government’s acts as a prolog to a real war. They have no problem saying our immigration laws are “Racist” (which Obama seems to agree with), and they do not seem to care about the safety of American tourists in their Country LEGALLY who get robbed, raped and murdered, but are willing to threaten war because an illegal Mexican smuggler gets killed during an attack on our Government agents.

Mexico’s actions could be considered an act of war but Mr. Obama and his entire gang do nothing about it. They are too busy trying to fund foreign terrorists to protect the American People from criminals, terrorists and a Foreign Country at our very doorstep about to fire on Agents of the American Government.

This not only cowardice it is virtually treason. When will this madness end? When it is too late to save America from another Revolution? The Democratic Party has shown by it’s actions and in-actions that it does not have America’s interests as any part of their agenda. It is time for the American People to speak out loudly. If not in actions then at the voting polls in November.

 And do not forget that a RECALL is the only way to rid ourselves of Mr. Obama!!!

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  1. Mike James says:

    This joke of an Administration has consistently shown that they don’t give a damn about America, her citizens, and the Constitution… Well put together article.

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