Mr. Obama has been in office long enough for anyone with half a brain to see that he has no idea how to run ANYTHING much less the United States of America. All he has managed to do since elected is to Socialize medicine, banks and our auto manufacturers and put the American people into more public debt that all previous Presidents combined. Oh yes, he also stripped nearly a billion dollars from the health care of our parents and grandparents, and eventually all Americans who may be counting on medicare to help in their old age.

 Obama’s handling of the BP oil spill is so pathetic that we won’t even go there, except that he has tried to blame it on the Bush Administration. No matter what gets screwed-up, or fails to do what Obama has said it will do, is always someone else’s fault. The man (?) should stop crying and whining how EVERYBODY ELSE is at fault for his short-comings, man-up and admit he is in over his head and RESIGN!

We know the Democrats will never do anything about this terrible situation..(look how they voted for Dirty Bill Clinton after his taking advantage of a girl young enough to be his daughter, turning the Oval Office into a whorehouse and then LYING about it to his family, every single American and the ENTIRE WORLD right up until the evidence was irrefutable, but of course that depends on what you definition of “is” is). No, the Democrats will back Obama until he has put America into bankruptcy. An impeachment will not work, it is time to start circulating petitions for a RECALL of this Chicago Politician, and his entire Gang. Let’s get started, We are starting one here and we hope all of you get them going RIGHT NOW!!!


  1. Mike James says:

    Im all for a recall of this dhimmicrat… hope the people get it.. This jackass is destroying the nation I swore to defend, making a mockery of us- we don’t deserve to have this happen to us… Obama is worse than what us Conservatives warned people about when seemingly everybody was in love with him… And like a girl being hurt by some ‘player’, America has awakened to find herself in a mess… November 2 will tell if they are serious about getting out of it.

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