California may be having it’s own uprising over Arizona enforcing Arizona laws. Now it seem that several cities are going against L.A. and San Francisco’s boycotts of Arizona, saying they will boycott L.A. and San Francisco in support of Arizona and States Rights. Maybe that, along with Arizona threatening to turn of L.A.’s power, just might bring more sensible Americans to the table.  Of course California can pass pollution laws that are much stricter than Federal law, but Arizona can’t pass laws simply backing-up Federal law, but then, that’s the People’s Republic of Kalifornia for you. It makes one wonder what California will do when they get the overflow of Illegals from Arizona, especially since the days when California TOUGHEND THEIR IMMIGRATION LAWS?

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks for agreeing with me on this. As a retired Deputy Sheriff from Arizona I could go on for some time about what goes on in AZ. I am contacting Sheriff Joe and advising him that if the Feds won’t take the illegals he should load up his SO busses and take the illegals to L.A. and some of the other cities that are for AMNESTY and drop these poor, misunderstood people off in the center of those towns. And don’t forget to return their weapons and drugs as they leave the bus.


  2. Common Sense says:

    I have heard more individuals discussing that the law is Unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause. The Supremacy Clause forbids state and local laws that contradict federal laws in matters where the federal government has authority to act.
    Once again it only applies in situations where the law contradicts the current law. Arizona’s law requires that State/Local authorities hand over suspect illegals to the proper federal authorities. Maybe you’ve forgetten (since we haven’t enforced these laws) but it’s still a crime to enter our country illegally.
    But as long as we are talking about Constitutionality let’s talk about the Commerce Clause of the Constitution (Article I, Section 8). This clause prohibits states and localities from passing laws that burden interstate or foreign commerce by, among other things, creating “discriminations favorable or adverse to commerce with particular foreign nations.”
    Boycotting Arizona is UNCONSTITUTIONAL so knock it off already. Also to the Arizona government, how about we step up and actually file suit against these cities?

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