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Thousands of people across the Nation are protesting Arizona’s new State law pertaining to illegal immigration.

That’s thousands of Mexicans. It seems strange that there are not thousands of Chinese people or thousands of Pakistanis or Polish or German or Blacks or Japanese or thousands of people from ANY other Nationality. Only Mexicans. They call Arizona’s law “RACIST” even though it applies to ALL illegal immigrants, not just Mexicans. There are illegal persons of all races, religions and most Nationalities in our Country, but it seems that only the Mexicans are worried enough about this law to take to the streets and cry “Racist” and “Profiling” and demand Arizona to repeal their new law.

Mexicans and the Politicians who rely on the Mexican vote to keep them in office do not want State, County or local Peace Officers to enforce immigration laws because there are FEDERAL laws against illegal immigrants and only FEDERAL officers should enforce FEDERAL laws.

If that is really the way it should be then by that reasoning State, County and local Peace Officers should not enforce ANY FEDERAL laws. A bank gets robbed…call the FBI. Someone is kidnapped…call the FBI. Someone is smuggling drugs…call the DEA. Someone is dealing drugs in your neighborhood…call the DEA. Gang members kill your child in your own home using illegal automatic weapons…call the ATF. A white man hits a black man…call the FBI. A black man hits a Mexican… call the FBI. A gang of minorities invade a white man’s home, rape and murder his wife…call the FBI. A gang of white men rape and murder a Chinese woman…call the FBI.


Should non-federal peace officers enforce Federal laws or not? This is not something you can just pick and choose witch laws you want to enforce and which law you do not feel like enforcing. It should be all or nothing. Law Enforcement protects us or it doesn’t.

Mexicans and their Politicians shout for “AMNESTY” for illegal immigrants. Do they want this Amnesty for people who are here illegally to commit terrorist acts against our Country and our People? What about illegal immigrants who are here to smuggle and distribute harmful drugs? Or is this “AMNESTY” to apply only to Mexicans? That sounds very Racist to me.

Now, if the Federal Government would secure our borders and enforce the FEDERAL laws the say illegally entering our Country IS A CRIME IN AND OF ITSELF and prosecute and punish all illegal immigrants as the criminals they are, then perhaps the swelling tide of criminals entering America would recede enough that Americans could be a little safer on our streets, in our homes and even in our jobs.

If the Federal Government refuses to secure our borders and protect us from foreign criminals, then maybe we should blow the dust off the “Declaration of Independence” and read it AGAIN and take it to our hearts as our forefathers did during the American Revolution.

If the Government wants our trust and loyalty they should EARN IT! Trust and loyalty are not things to be given away, they must be earned: As King George learned in 1776 and we hopefully pray that the people in power now will finally admit to the American People and then truly and honestly work to regain what has been lost over the past one hundred and fifty years.

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5 Comments to “IMMIGRATION!!”

  1. admin says:

    Only the good Lord knows, but I’d be willing to bet it’s millions more than just the illegals from mexico.


  2. admin says:

    Glad to hear that, but next time leave some of your thoughts and opinions.


  3. Amy says:

    Intriguing , I wonder what the statistics are on your first point there…

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I have no idea how many hyphenated Americans there are in the USA but I’ll bet they total more than all the Mex-Americans by quite a few. As a matter of fact, we ALL originated in another country somewhere along the line. One set of my own grandparents came from Norway, another line has been here since before the French and Indian War. Maybe I should be looking over MY shoulder too. But I’m not!


  5. Bill says:

    I couldn’t agree more… I’m sick of the open border amnesty crowd’s Saul Alinsky type tactics. They simply cannot win the argument on their position’s merit so they resort to ridicule and accusations of racism. The leftist media continually characterizes Arizona’s law as “draconian” when it is actually no more than a state’s codification of an existing federal law. It’s not about “breathing while being brown” as they would have the naive believe… The inconvenient truth is being here illegally is ILLEGAL and always has been.

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