Protect Our Children


Protect Our Children

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Are any of you readers old enough to remember 30 years ago or so?
Palistinian terrorists were attacking Israeli grade schools, killing teachers and children. The Israelis did not pass gun-control laws, they armed their teachers and other school employees and made certain that they could use their weapons. The attacks stopped. When is the last time you have heard of an Israeli school being attacked? Since arming teachers and other school staff, even suicide bombers do not enter Israeli schools. Not even suicide bombers!!
Ciminals and terrorists will always be armed. If you do not believe that, then please check all of the Countries of the world that have oppresive gun control laws.
It is despicable that Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party are using the bodies of the teachers and the poor, lovely children of Newtown as soap boxes to stand on and shout for more laws against the freedoms of honest American citizens. Why are the Democrats, lead by Mr. Obama, trying to dis-arm the honest citizens of our Country? Why do they refuse to let our teachers be prepared to defend themselves and our school children? Why must our teachers try to protect our children by serving themselves up for slaughter? The people who commit these crimes always attack the places where they KNOW that they will meet no resistance; grade schools, colleges and theaters. How often do you hear of read attacks on American Police stations or shooting ranges. I doubt if any other news outlets or commentators will answer, nor even speak of any of these questions. But please, think about them and what is the only way to really protect our schools from these evil and cowardly assasins. Think of your own children, and if you honestly believe that Israel was totally wrong; what would you do? And please, let us know your thoughts on this very important matter.

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Christ came to fulfill the Old Covenant. He paid the price for Adam’s sin and made a way back into fellowship with God. Sin was the problem and Jesus is the answer.

When he was offered up by the High Priest as a sinless sacrifice He fulfilled all that had ever been required in the Old Covenant.

When He breathed His last on the cross and cried out, “It is finished,” the curtain in the temple was ripped in half. God left the Holy of Holies on earth signifying the end of the Old Covenant. When Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven He poured out his blood on the eternal alter of God in the heavenly temple of God. All the sacrifices of the Old Testament had been but a foreshadowing of this event.

When we confess Jesus as Lord and believe in our heart that God raised Him from the dead as it says in Romans 10:9-10 we shall be saved. It doesn’t say we might be saved. It doesn’t say we will be saved by and by. It says we shall be saved. The moment we do that we’re born again, recreated, and translated from the old world of sin caused separation from God and death to the new world of fellowship with God and life.

Once we’re saved from the curse of sin we become the righteousness of God. This means we can stand in the presence of God without any guilt, shame, or fear for we’ve become His children. And as His children we have the right and the ability to come boldly into our

Daddy’s throne room any time we want.

Think of it this way, if you or I walked up to the gate of Buckingham Palace and told the guard, “Let me in I want to see the queen” we wouldn’t even get a smile from one of those guys. But if Prince Phillip walked up and said the same thing they would immediately usher him into the royal presence.

It’s the same with us and the heavenly Holy of Holies. God is our Father. We can enter His presence any time we want. There’s no need to beg or plead. It’s our right as His child because we are one with Christ. He’s the head and we’re the body. We’re the very living stones built up into His eternal temple. We’re individually the tabernacles of His Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

Don’t accept less. Be all that God re-created you to be. We’re a new creation the old has passed away and behold all has become new. We dwell this moment in God’s New Jerusalem and collectively we are His Holy Temple. God the Father is on His throne. Christ the Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world and yet lives is seated to His right hand. The Holy Spirit indwells the temple built of living stones.
There is nothing left to be done. It is finished. There is nothing we can add. We have been given the authority to act in the Name of Christ. We shouldn’t sit back waiting to get good enough. We shouldn’t expect some hireling to do what God has called us to do.

We’ve been called to take the light of Christ into a world of darkness.
He never told us to build a lamp. He never told us to pay a lighthouse tender. He told us to take the light of His love to those sold under bondage to the king of this world. And we must always remember greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.

Jesus told us that if we have faith, even if it’s as small as the smallest seed, and we tell the mountain to jump it’ll jump. So let’s quit waiting for some collective bulldozer to move the mountains and start living as what we are: children of the Most High God.

In the desert God told Moses to speak to the rock. He has told us to speak to the mountains. So now, all together on the count of three let’s say to the mountains in our life, “Jump!”
One, two, three.

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